Things to consider when evaluating Sales Enablement & Acceleration platform

Research suggests the global sales enablement platform market is projected to reach $7.3 billion by 2028 (Source: Verified Market Research). That is why it has become a priority for a lot of businesses all over the world. It ensures all the sales channels have the tools, content and resources required to drive more sales and engagement. The main goal of the sales enablement platform is to help brands sell more via different sales channels.

Since there are many sales enablement solution providers in the market, it becomes challenging to evaluate the one that fits most of the business requirements. But, certain must-have features are crucial for achieving the desired results. Here, we are discussing some of those important aspects that we consider are important to add value to your business:

1. Well-integrated capabilities- Sales enablement platforms mainly focus on three important aspects training, coaching and content. As a business looking to enable and empower its sales channels, considering a platform that’s well-integrated with all three capabilities can be favourable. Also, since the same platform is used to engage end customers and also enable sales teams to educate, organisations can identify and analyse the content that’s getting more engagement and do necessary modifications to improve training content for sales teams and partners.

Sales reps spend an average of 440 hours each year trying to find the right content to share with their prospects and customers. -G2

2. Easy accessibility of content- Content is a very necessary aspect when evaluating a sales enablement platform, it works as a backbone for sales channels to communicate effectively. No matter how impactful and valuable your content is but if it is not reaching out to the teams and end customers on time, its value is diminished. Many teams find access to content as one of the major challenges, so a good sales enablement platform will help sales teams provide easy and timely access to the content for training, coaching as well as marketing. A platform like SalesPanda is integrated with both the features for enablement and empowerment through branded marketing content. 

76% of organizations with a sales enablement function see an increase of sales between 6% to 20% (State of Sales Enablement 2021, Regalix)

3. Scalability & flexibility- Sales landscape have been evolving continuously, hence as an organisation you need a platform that evolves with you. When organisations are growing and customer demands are changing, you need a flexible and tailored platform that can adapt to the market conditions and evolve as per the changing business model. SalesPanda’s sales enablement and acceleration platform enhance its platform based on market research and emerging business needs to help both businesses and sales teams grow.

4. Easy device access- Another important aspect of a sales enablement platform should be its responsiveness on different devices. To enhance competitiveness, mobile stays one of the most agile and responsive devices to easily access the resources necessary from anywhere, anytime. It helps sales teams from any geographical location to create consistent communication and deliver a better customer experience even when they cannot meet face-to-face. Easy access across different devices makes it easier for sales teams to engage with their customers in real-time, and also access necessary enablement content that can help them improve their sales pitch.

5. User friendly- A sales enablement platform needs to be highly user-friendly. The aim is to eliminate wastage and enhance sales, hence understanding a platform should be easy for sales teams. It should not implicate sales teams to lead additional skills to operate, or it can be difficult for sales teams to adopt and use it efficiently. Necessary support and training should be provided to help them understand the platform better, and it should be easy to use.

The sales enablement and acceleration platform eventually helps all your sales channels put less effort into other things and focus more on selling to achieve the desired business goals. Hence, it is necessary to research your options thoroughly before choosing one. It is essential to communicate your services and system requirements along with your expectation clearly in advance. Now that we have the important evaluation points for a sales enablement platform, you can start accessing your needs. In case you want to dive right into it, reach out to us!

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