Human interaction and modern selling- How has it changed?


Over the years with growing technological advancement, the buyer journey and selling have evolved drastically. The continuous loop between awareness and purchase involves multiple touchpoints, communication channels, the right buyer persona and many other things that decide whether anyone will buy or not. So, strategies need to find a near-perfect balance between people and technology. …

All that you should know about CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


CRM stands for customer relationship management, a combination of strategies, processes, and technologies to engage, retain and acquire customers. It’s a well-integrated technology that helps manage relations and interactions with existing and potential customers.    It helps you keep track of the interactions and identify their interests and behaviour by keeping a record of them. It …

Creative Lead Generation Strategies That You Absolutely Need To Try


A typical lead generation process is pretty gruelling. From getting an email list together to sending out cold emails and waiting for responses, the traditional tactics just don’t seem to work for making people talk to your business or even try doing so. That’s why we put together a list of creative lead generation strategies …