Digital Marketing Automation for Insurance Agents


Any innovative conversation is incomplete without Digital transformation in recent years. In a fast-changing world, keeping business more customer-centric, as well as, employee-centric while achieving the desired business goals is a very significant step. Communication, engagement, collaborations and demands have shifted online. Before any big or small decision, consumers want to refer online and this …

Increase Sales Efficiency to Improve Sales Performance


One of the concerns that many businesses have is the effective use of time and resources to get better deals and engage customers. Though the KPIs may differ from organisation to organisation, tracking sales efficiency and ensuring productivity should be considered important. Sales efficiency measurement is essential to provide insights into individual and team activity. …

Creative Lead Generation Strategies That You Absolutely Need To Try


A typical lead generation process is pretty gruelling. From getting an email list together to sending out cold emails and waiting for responses, the traditional tactics just don’t seem to work for making people talk to your business or even try doing so. That’s why we put together a list of creative lead generation strategies …

Simple Ways To Optimize Your Website For Online Lead Generation


Your website is the most important channel when it comes to online lead generation. It isn’t just the first place where your existing customers come to interact or look for solutions, but also a place that is frequented by your potential customers seeking more information on the products and services you offer. Simply put, it …


Marketing Automation and the Evolution of Channel Marketing


Marketing automation has come a long way since its early days. The CRMs have now evolved into full-fledged systems for capturing and analyzing user-based data and intelligence. The key to this rapid evolution is automation. Social media and email marketing are two basic activities being automated since a long time. Automation has paved the way …