Create and Manage Content

Content Editor Create SEO ready marketing content like case studies, blogs, brochures, customer testimonials with SalesPanda editor using templates.

Content Management System SalesPanda provides a CMS software for you to manage your marketing content. You store your uploaded or created content in a centralised content library.

Content Showcase The content showcase can be attached to your website using a subdomain for visitors to browse and search your content. Content in showcase can be managed via SalesPanda CMS.

content marketing automation

Increase Website Traffic

increase traffic on website

SEO & Blogging Get keyword suggestions from google. Insert it into content body and page titles to make it SEO ready. Create blogs, ebooks and more such marketing content using editable templates and share online.

Social Media & WhatsApp Promote on social channels like LinkedIn, FB and Twitter in one click. This inbound marketing solution allows a combination of post scheduling and automation to execute social media strategies with ease.

Email Marketing Use the SalesPanda inbound marketing software to import or manage all your contacts, create lists and run multi-tiered mail campaigns to drive traffic.

Engage and Convert Visitors

Landing Pages Build landing pages online from pre-built templates and use then them in tandem with your email and social media marketing initiatives to boost your conversion rates significantly!

Engagement Windows Create customised engagement windows like top bars, popups, slideup etc to convert visitors to leads. Time your engagement as per user movement on the page or their source website.

Forms & Call-to-Action's SalesPanda goes where no other inbound marketing software has gone before and allows you to embed forms and Call-to-Action's in your content, landing pages and website. Use them to capture vital lead information and grow your list of prospects.

how to engage and convert website visitors

Nurture and Close Leads

lead and contact management platform

Lead and Contact Management Capture leads automatically from your content showcase and your engagment windows to create a sales funnel. Use the lead tracking system and analytics platform to nurture leads.

Single View of Customer SalesPanda organizes the contact information of your leads and their activity details in one location, giving you the complete profile of prosepcts in a single window.

Lead Nurturing Nurture leads using email and content marketing. Track and record customer activity in the lead information window to gain a comprehensive and single-window view of their progress along your funnel.

content marketing platform

SalesPanda for B2B

  • Showcase your Experience
  • Create Powerful Content
  • Build a Pipeline
  • Increase your Brand Recall

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increase traffic to your website

SalesPanda for B2C

  • Reinforce your Brand Presence Online
  • Expand your Customer Base
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell to Customers Online
  • Attract Customers and Build a Sales Pipeline

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website engagement tools

SalesPanda for Channels

  • De-centralized Demand Creation
  • Build your Local Pipeline
  • Expand your Local Reach
  • Enable your Dealers to Leverage Digital Marketing

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