Some of the common challenges agents and distributors face in the Financial Services Industry


No industry is untouched by the evolving trends as the markets and customer behaviours have changed over time and this change will remain constant for the foreseeable future. With the digital expansion, the opportunity for distribution reach via agents, distributors and more has also grown.  “Within the financial services realm, organizations anticipate that 65% of …

Empowering hybrid sales teams: Resolving content chaos


Today with digital initiatives taking pace, the volume of content generated has peaked and along with it the challenge of managing it to its full potential. Imagine managing it poorly and it can create a lot of chaos for the organisation like compliance issues, outdated content, delayed processes, lost content and much more. Hence, how …

Human interaction and modern selling- How has it changed?


Over the years with growing technological advancement, the buyer journey and selling have evolved drastically. The continuous loop between awareness and purchase involves multiple touchpoints, communication channels, the right buyer persona and many other things that decide whether anyone will buy or not. So, strategies need to find a near-perfect balance between people and technology. …

All that you should know about CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


CRM stands for customer relationship management, a combination of strategies, processes, and technologies to engage, retain and acquire customers. It’s a well-integrated technology that helps manage relations and interactions with existing and potential customers.    It helps you keep track of the interactions and identify their interests and behaviour by keeping a record of them. It …


Marketing Automation and the Evolution of Channel Marketing


Marketing automation has come a long way since its early days. The CRMs have now evolved into full-fledged systems for capturing and analyzing user-based data and intelligence. The key to this rapid evolution is automation. Social media and email marketing are two basic activities being automated since a long time. Automation has paved the way …

What is Inbound Marketing and Why You Need it for B2B Lead Generation


When it comes to marketing, B2B can no longer using the age old tactic of push marketing to get more clients. In fact, even to generate leads, they need to first educate their clients and prove their authority in the field. That’s where pull marketing comes in for lead generation. Here’s what is inbound marketing …

Single view of customer for effective marketing and sales


Consumers of today have no dearth of digital platforms to interact with businesses. They don’t have one but multiple channels to communicate. In fact, 50% of customer interactions happen during a multi-event. Imagine the amount of data being collected with every interaction! To learn about single view of customer for effective marketing and sales, please …