Increase Sales Efficiency to Improve Sales Performance


One of the concerns that many businesses have is the effective use of time and resources to get better deals and engage customers. Though the KPIs may differ from organisation to organisation, tracking sales efficiency and ensuring productivity should be considered important. Sales efficiency measurement is essential to provide insights into individual and team activity. …

Things to consider when evaluating Sales Enablement & Acceleration platform


Research suggests the global sales enablement platform market is projected to reach $7.3 billion by 2028 (Source: Verified Market Research). That is why it has become a priority for a lot of businesses all over the world. It ensures all the sales channels have the tools, content and resources required to drive more sales and …

Digital Marketing Automation for Insurance Agents


Any innovative conversation is incomplete without Digital transformation in recent years. In a fast-changing world, keeping business more customer-centric, as well as, employee-centric while achieving the desired business goals is a very significant step. Communication, engagement, collaborations and demands have shifted online. Before any big or small decision, consumers want to refer online and this …

Leveraging Extended Enterprise in the Digital Era


With the rise of the digital era, the business world has become competitive. Working in isolation is no more an option for the companies and their success depends upon a network of partner relationships came to be known as ‘Extended Enterprise’. The term stands for the network of channel partners like agents, advisors, partners, contingent …

Guide to Sales Enablement


Efficiency is what we all aspire for, especially when it comes to the workplace. Sales teams, partners or any other channel that indulges in most communication with the end customers — productivity and performance are significant for them to deliver results. Hence, it is essential to enable them digitally to peak their performance, engage with …