What is Digital Enablement, and how is it different from Digital Transformation? 


‘Digital Transformation’ is the word of the decade. It’s been around longer than anyone could predict and also, has been the most misunderstood concept. Most organisations cannot distinguish digital transformation from digital enablement. So to understand it better, let’s look at this definition from Gartner that defines digital transformation, “Digital transformation can refer to anything …

What is Inbound Marketing and Why You Need it for B2B Lead Generation


When it comes to marketing, B2B can no longer using the age old tactic of push marketing to get more clients. In fact, even to generate leads, they need to first educate their clients and prove their authority in the field. That’s where pull marketing comes in for lead generation. Here’s what is inbound marketing …

Single view of customer for effective marketing and sales


Consumers of today have no dearth of digital platforms to interact with businesses. They don’t have one but multiple channels to communicate. In fact, 50% of customer interactions happen during a multi-event. Imagine the amount of data being collected with every interaction! To learn about single view of customer for effective marketing and sales, please …