“Near me” or "close by" type searches grew by more than 900% over two years and 28% of the time they turn into customers.
73% of consumers already expect specialised treatment for being a good customer
The best part of digital enablement is that it can help you reach out to your local customers. Branches who have such a vast reach can utilise it to provide their customers with more personalised information, regional offers, vernacular content etc. Digital enablement of branches' can help improve customer retention value also leverage their reach with centralised control and compliance.

Some Concerns Banks Have


Branches are not very consistent with the communication that results in uninformed and dissatisfied customers


Lack of content and campaigns that cater to regional customers’ needs, preference, requirements and type

Brand compliance

The content & information shared by the branch representatives must follow strict brand compliance, guidelines and values


How SalesPanda Can Help

Our platform helps banks leverage the reach of their branches and make their digital presence count with localised campaigns, compliance-approved content and centralised control.

Content syndication

Banks can create & syndicate compliance approved collaterals, email campaigns, social posts in the content library. The content is provided to advisors via web syndication.

Branch enablement

Branch representatives can access the pre-built localised campaigns, marketing tools and resources, personalised information about products, and training material etc. to share with the end customers.

Lead funnel

Leads are captured for each branch & their representatives separately that can be seen and tracked via unique login ID & code. It’s visible to the bank head office on a single admin dashboard.

Deep analytics

Bank head offices can analyse and see the content or campaigns that performed well. It can help in measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Key Features

Personalized Business Microsite

Each branch gets a personalized microsite with the latest content provided from the bank head office. They will get:

  • A personalized URL for their microsite
  • Profile with office location displayed on Google Maps
  • Co-branded content from the bank head office
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The bank can create and syndicate co-branded content like creatives, brochures, email templates, articles, blogs, etc. with their Branches & its representatives in just one click from the central admin panel. The bank head office can also define editing rights for the content syndicated.

It helps to:
  • Get access to high-quality co-branded localised content
  • Improve brand communication locally
  • Share 100% brand compliant content
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Lead Generation through
Microsite Chatbot

The microsite has a chatbot and lead forms integrated for lead generation. These help branch representatives to convert website visitors into leads. Instant notification is sent to the branch representatives to inform about the new lead captured through unique code.

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The branch representatives can share their content digitally on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. as well as on WhatsApp. The branch representatives can get benefits like:

  • Performance insights of various campaigns executed
  • Co-branding on all WhatsApp creatives and social media content
  • Simultaneous posting on multiple social media platforms
  • Auto-posting on social media platforms with consent
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SalesPanda has an in-built email campaign management module. The branch representatives get access to text-based as well as HTML email templates, pre-created landing pages, and an analytics engine to determine the performance of the email campaigns. The email management module also contains features like:

  • Send instant emails or schedule a delivery time
  • Send text emails or eDMs co-branded with branch details
  • Dynamic lead capture using landing pages on individual microsites
  • Detailed Analytics to gauge the email campaign performance
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Each branch representative can access SalesPanda on mobile as well as on the web anytime, anywhere. SalesPanda mobile app is available on both iOS and Android. It is easy to use with features like:

  • Content Library
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media and WhatsApp marketing
  • Analytics
  • Notifications and alerts
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CRM and Pipeline Management

SalesPanda captures the leads from websites and landing pages for campaigns across email, social and WhatsApp to create a sales funnel. All the lead details are available in a single-window view to the branch representatives. The features include:

  • Full contact details including the lead source
  • Lead funnel management
  • Importing Gmail Contacts as well as uploading contacts in a CSV format
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Prospect Lead Scoring

SalesPanda’s activity tracking feature helps branch representatives understand the activities done by the visitors on their microsite as well as the response from social and email campaigns. It helps them know more about their prospects (customers) and their preferred interest. The features include:

  • Tracking lead activity on the website
  • Tracking lead activity on email – open, clicks
  • Assigning engagement score to prospects for pitching to right prospects.
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SalesPanda provides an analytics engine to help branch representatives gauge the performance of the marketing tactics employed by them. It also provides real-time notifications on the leads captured through various sources, distinguishing aptly which branch representative with unique login & lead capturing code. SalesPanda provides a 360-degree view of the online interactions that each branch representative have with their target audience by giving deep insights into:

  • Campaign analytics
  • Social Media analytics
  • Lead analytics
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Why Opt Branch Marketing Automation

With branch marketing automation platform branches as well as banks can build improved customer relations & deliver better services and offers to them.

It can help in building strong communication with the regional audience of the agents by providing them with personalised content, offers and information as per their customer's needs, preferences and behaviour.

It can help in better lead generation and sales closure. The branch marketing automation process efficiently allocates content, tracks the process and results across branches.

It helps in building engagement with a more focused and informed approach. Hence, the internal process becomes efficient and drives more engagement with potential customers.

It provides a well-configured platform that’s highly automated, aligned with all the marketing features and resources that can save money and accelerate growth.

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