63.5% of companies say channel partners contributed to their annual revenue.
55% of partners cited a lack of co-branded content as a challenge, while 25% called it a significant challenge
The current era of digital innovation has been a catalyst for various industries, and insurance sector is no exception. With the potential to break traditional barriers, digital can help in creating awareness, improve experiences, build customer touchpoints and empower agent network with an impactful online presence.

Challenges Faced By OEMs


No tracking and visibility of the content, campaigns, platforms and regions targeted by partners to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities

Brand compliance

Whether the content shared by channel partners follows the core brand values, compliance and guidelines to showcase value to customers


How frequently are they communicating the value proposition by pitching the right products in the market to drive more sales


How SalesPanda Can Help

Our platform helps OEMs automate their channel marketing to ensure that the partners can value-sell your products with the same finesse as their own direct sales team:

Content syndication

OEMs create and syndicate co-branded content, collaterals, email campaigns, social posts and store them in the content library. The content is shared with partners via web content syndication.

Channel enablement

Partners can access marketing tools, sales materials, information about products and pre-built content to communicate with their email database, share posts from the content library on their social media and email.

Lead funnel

Leads are captured for each agent separately. It can be seen and tracked on a single admin dashboard by insurance companies.

Deep analytics

Leads are captured for each partner separately. It can be seen and tracked on a single admin dashboard by OEMs.

We also help OEMs identify, onboard and empower right channel partners digitally.

Key Features

Content Marketing

In technology marketing, communicating the value of the product is of utmost importance. SalesPanda helps you standardise your entire content library as per the sales stages like industry reports, creatives, brochures, reports case studies, articles, blogs, etc. which can be shared with channel partners with clear access controls. This helps channel partners to:

  • Get access to high-quality co-branded content
  • Improved branding and communication
  • Share the right content with the right customer.
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Business Microsite

A business microsite with all OEM content can be plugin into the partner website. This help in engaging the end customers to generate leads via the chatbot and leads forms on the microsite. All content in the library and microsite will be co-branded with partner details. The channel partners will get:

  • A microsite with co-branded content
  • Landing pages for all campaigns on the microsite
  • Chatbot and lead capture forms
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Prospect Lead Scoring

SalesPanda’s activity tracking feature helps the channel partners understand the engagement of their prospects on their website as well as response from social and email campaigns. This helps them know more about their customer’s propensity to buy and pitch the right products to them at the right time. The features include:

  • Tracking lead activity on the website
  • Tracking lead activity on email – open, clicks
  • Assigning engagement score to prospects for pitching to right prospects.
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Lead Generation through Partner Website

The microsite has a chatbot and lead forms integrated for lead generation. Lead can also be captured from landing pages pushed from SalesPanda on the website. These help channel partners convert website visitors to leads. Instant notification is sent to the channel partners to inform about the new lead captured.

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WhatsApp and Social Media Marketing

The channel partners and their sellers also have their own digital reach. They can share their content digitally on multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. as well as on WhatsApp with landing pages on their own website. The channel partners can get benefits like:

  • Co-branding on all WhatsApp creatives and social media content
  • Simultaneous posting on multiple social media platforms
  • Auto-posting on social media platforms with consent
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Email Campaigns

SalesPanda has an in-built email campaign management module. The channel partners get access to text-based as well as HTML email templates, pre-created landing pages, and an analytics engine to determine the performance of the email campaigns. The email management module also contains features like:

  • Send instant emails or schedule a delivery time
  • Send text emails or eDMs co-branded with partner details
  • Detailed Analytics to gauge the email campaign performance
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Mobile App and Web Access

Each partner can access SalesPanda on mobile as well as the web anytime anywhere. SalesPanda mobile app is available on both iOS and Android. It is easy to use with features like:

  • Content Library
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media and WhatsApp marketing
  • Analytics 
  • Notifications and alerts
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CRM and Pipeline Management

SalesPanda captures the leads from website and landing pages for campaigns across email, social and whatsapp to create a sales funnel. SalesPanda has built in CRM or can be integrated with an existing CRM also. The features include:

  • Full contact details including the lead source
  • Lead funnel management
  • Importing Gmail Contacts as well as uploading contacts in a CSV format
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SalesPanda provides an analytics engine to help channel partners gauge the performance of the marketing tactics employed by them. It also provides real-time notifications on the leads captured through various sources. SalesPanda provides a 360-degree view of the online interactions that channel partners have with their target audience by giving deep insights into:

  • Campaign analytics
  • Social Media analytics
  • Lead analytics
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Why Opt Channel Marketing Automation

OEMs can see how certain marketing campaigns and emails are performing, how effective are the marketing strategies to generate leads. It is a huge step forward in getting control of the partner marketing process.

Channel marketing automation platforms help in maintaining brand image and compliance in the market. You can control the way your brand is represented in alignment with the core brand values.

As partners get a hassle-free platform to engage with the customers in a more focused and informed way the platform makes the internal process efficient and drives partner satisfaction eventually.

It can help in better lead generation and sales closure. The channel marketing automation process efficiently distributes content, tracks process and results across the partner base. It gives businesses a competitive edge planning forward.

It provides a well-integrated platform that’s highly automated, aligned with all the marketing features and resources that can save money and accelerate growth.

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