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Are your property brokers able to leverage digital marketing to reach out to their buyers?

Real estate is all about building trust. The age-old adage of "seeing is believing" rings especially true with the real estate industry, and consultants will find that using SalesPanda's Content Showcase with its built-in CMS capabilities to attract customers can prove to be a very effective strategy.

SalesPanda gives you all the tools you need to execute a complete marketing campaign from start to finish. Showcase prime offerings on your website with style to convince your visitors, and promote them on search and social media with just a click to attract prospective buyers to your site and build an inbound pipeline. The prospects can then be converted into leads by engaging and nurturing them through your pipeline using SalesPanda's inherent lead tracking and e-mail capabilities.

Build your Brand Presence
Build your Brand Presence

Building a strong online presence is the first step to increasing your reach and attracting prospects online. You can use SalesPanda's Content Editor to create marketing collaterals such as digital brochures, property research eBooks, case studies, client testimonials, infographics, and more. You can then showcase these assets on your website to explain your value proposition and attract visitors by sharing content via email.

Reach out to Prospects
Reach out to Prospects

Use SalesPanda to divert traffic from Google, Bing and other search engines and attract more prospects by inserting SEO keywords and meta tags directly into your collaterals to raise your SEO score. You can then use SalesPanda's e-mail marketing feature to create targeted segment lists from your overall database and then share your content with these customers by using SalesPanda's email marketing features.

Generate Inquiries
Generate Inquiries

Roll out special offers and deals to visitors using SalesPanda's engagement windows for customer engagement. These windows can be fully customized and offer a broad range of targeting options, including targeting specific source websites, by visitor geography, or even by how far along your page they scroll. Engage your prospects at the right time and place and address their queries to increase your chances of conversion!

Have multiple agents or brokers?

Give them the power to leverage digital marketing through Content Syndication with SalesPanda for Channel Marketing. Give them access to pre-made content such as digital brochures, property research eBooks, case studies, client testimonials, infographics, and more for their digital marketing needs. You can also syndicate centrally developed social media posts and E-mail campaigns.


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