Personalized Microsite as per the Channel Partner

Each user will get a personalized URL for their Microsite along with other sections like About Us, Contact Us, Solutions, profile photo, etc. The user can modify these sections from the app or web login.

Regular Content Updates on the Microsite

Each user will get access to a content library which will contain the latest content syndicated by the parent company. The content will be displayed on the site and the user can choose to publish/unpublish any content they desire to display on the microsite. This ensures that when a visitor visits the website he sees new and latest content each time.


Capture New Leads

The Microsite will provide multiple avenues for new lead capture in the form of a chatbot, contact us page, and content download mechanism for an interested website visitor. As soon as a new lead is captured or a visitor visiting a website an instant notification is sent on the app to notify the user about the same.

Google Maps Office Location

The microsite will also show their office location marked on Google Maps based on the address mentioned by them.


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