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Are you looking to grow your client base? Perhaps you are looking to expand to a new set of customers and geographies?

Banking is all about trust and safety. The foremost thing that customers look for when they consider entrusting their money to a bank is the safety, security, and by extension, the reputation of the bank. Small and medium sized banks will find that Content Marketing can prove to be a very effective tactic to make a case for their safety and security and compete with larger banks.

Between SalesPanda's Content Showcase with its built-in CMS capabilities and its Content Editor with its ability to create a plethora of relevant content such as Case Studies, Whitepapers, Brochures and Scheme Information Documents, you have all the tools you need to build an online presence and help differentiate yourself from the competition. SalesPanda also gives you the tools you need to convert the visitors you draw in with your content into leads by engaging and nurturing them using SalesPanda's customer engagement and e-mail features.

Build a Presence Online
Build your Presence Online

Building a strong online presence is the first step to increasing your reach and attracting prospects online. You can use SalesPanda's Content Editor to create marketing collaterals such as case studies, client testimonials, whitepapers, scheme information documents, and more. These give you an effective platform to define your value proposition, put yourself out there, and attract visitors by sharing content on social media or via e-mail.

Expand Client Base & Build a Pipeline
Expand Client Base & Build a Pipeline

Use SalesPanda's Content Marketing and SEO capabilities to pull in web traffic and grow your customer base. Due to your increased brand presence, curious visitors that browse your content will find themselves drawn to your website, and they can then be considered as prospective customers. You can then use SalesPanda's e-mail and social media marketing capabilities to nurture these prospects along your sales pipeline and convert them to actual customers.

Up-sell and Cross-sell to Customers
Up-sell and Cross-sell to Customers

Up-sell and Cross-sell cards, loans and schemes to visitors using SalesPanda's engagement windows. These windows are fully customizable both design and content-wise, and offer a broad range of targeting options, including targeting by source website or by visitor geography. This lets you create customized offerings for different sections of your target audience! Create and send beautiful product eDMs with SalesPanda to further augment up-selling and cross-selling.


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