About SalesPanda

The idea behind SalesPanda

The founding team spent over 15 years each in sales and marketing before deciding to build SalesPanda. Before then, digital marketing seemed to be the prerogative of large firms - they hired agencies with access to bleeding edge digital marketing automation software and inbound marketing tools to drive their digital programs. Meanwhile, smaller companies struggled to find the time and money to spend on an area they simply could not afford to ignore any more - digital marketing, as the larger companies themselves were forced to continue to rely on agencies that charged exorbitant sums.

This prompted us to look at the core of a digital marketing journey - a company's website and marketing content. We deliberated how we could help companies, regardless of size, to build and promote marketing content to generate traffic, and then convert these inbound visitors to leads. While marketing was also about branding, for most businesses qualified leads is where the rubber meets the road. We thus kept lead generation, nurturing and closure as the final desired end when we built an inbound marketing tool.

SalesPanda is now used the world over to drive digital marketing programs, but our goal and desire to continue improving the digital marketing process still remains the same.

Our Dream

Empower every organisation small or large to leverage the power of Digital Marketing using automation with minimal resources.

SalesPanda Genesis and Philosophy

Out of an estimated 7.2 billion people on earth, over 3.6 billion are on the internet and more people are getting online every day.

Recent research from Google shows that potential customers are increasingly using digital channels to make decisions about major purchases. Today's business buyers do not contact vendors until 57 percent of the purchase process is complete. The prospective buyer researches online using rich content available on search engines, blogs and social media channels.

The challenge for marketers is to be present in these online channels at all times with content that educates buyers and helps guide commercial decisions. The traditional outbound methods of marketing are losing sheen as more and more customers reach you via inbound digital channels. But creating your presence online calls for huge investment of time and resources.

So, is there a faster more economical way to create strong online presence and enhance conversions on the website with minimal resources?

Yes, that's what SalesPanda is all about.

SalesPanda is an inbound digital marketing software that helps you create a strong online presence, enhance your website traffic and increase lead conversions for your business. You can create marketing content using the content editor which can be shared via email and social media to drive traffic. With SalesPanda you can create customised engagement windows on every page of the website to convert visitors to leads. These leads then flow into our lead management system triggering automated alerts to you.

It's an integrated tool to automate your digital marketing. Start with our trial account today.


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