3 Reasons why you should try SalesPanda for Digital Marketing


Business Growth
Business Growth

SalesPanda helps you increase website traffic by creating and sharing content online via search, social and email. The inbound visitors can be converted into leads using customized landing pages with Call-to-action's and nurtured to real business in the lead management system.


SalesPanda helps you automate content creation, SEO, social sharing, lead management and email marketing. No coding is required and all modules work in an integrated manner. The simplicity of the solution helps you do more with less.

Enhanced Reach
Enhanced Reach

SalesPanda helps you build a strong brand presence online where your customers spend a lot of time. You can create and share content online to showcase your strengths and capabilities, build your thought leadership and reach a much larger audience.

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Recent research from Google shows that today's business buyers do not contact vendors until 57 percent of the purchase process is complete. The prospective buyer researches online using rich content available on search engines, blogs and social media channels to shortlist the options.

How can you as a marketer ensure a strong online presence and lead conversions with minimal resources? SalesPanda helps you create marketing content using the content editor which can be shared via email and social media to drive traffic. The incoming visitors can be converted to leads using customised engagement windows on every page of the website. These leads then flow into our lead management system triggering automated alerts to you and can be nurtured further to closure.

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