Nurture and Close Leads

Using Lead & Contact Management, Lead Nurturing and Analytics

SalesPanda helps you nurture and close leads to generate real business. The leads from engagement windows and content showcase pages are automatically captured into your lead management system. You can nurture these leads by sharing content with the prospects via built in email marketing tool.

Lead Management

Capture leads automatically from content showcase as well as engagment windows to create funnel. Customise the fields to be captured in leads while designing the engagment windows. Set triggers to get email alerts on lead capture.

Contact Management and List building

Organise customer contacts from leads and activity details in one window. Import your own contacts into SalesPanda using CSV import. You can create mailing lists to run campaigns and send email with content to bring the prospects back to your website.

Lead Nurturing

Nurture leads using email and content marketing. Send mailers attaching relvant content from SalesPanda content library progessing the discussion with prospective customers. Activities get stored with the leads to give a comprehensive view of lead progress.

Analytics Dashboard

Analyse customer behaviours to see engagement and conversion patterns to improvise and adapt. Get dashboard view to analyse by specific content or engagement window to increase conversions. Filter days by day, week or specific timelines.

Nurture and close leads using SalesPanda

  • Automatically capture leads from the website into a lead management system
  • Import your own contacts into SalesPanda with CSV upload
  • Create marketing lists to run campaigns
  • Nurture leads using email marketing
  • Get an analytics dashboard to analyse and improve lead conversions.

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