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Are you reaching your customers too late in the buying cycle?

A google study states that prospective buyers today do not contact the vendors until 57% of buying cycle is already complete - they instead research online on search and social channels to shortlist their choices. This means that having negligible online presence could mean that you're effectively out of the race before it even started.

Ask yourself, are you able to influence your prospective customers online by showcasing your experience through avenues such as thought leadership, case studies and more? If not, SalesPanda can help IT and ITES companies create and share marketing content online to showcase their experience and capabilities to clients worldwide and convert visitors into leads.

Build a Presence Online
Build a Presence Online

Building a strong online presence is the first step to increasing your reach and attracting prospects online. You can use SalesPanda's Content Editor to create marketing collaterals such as client experience documents, case studies, blogs, and more. Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry to build a positive reputation for your brand and gain a large following.

A Content Showcase on your Website
A Content Showcase on your Website

SalesPanda allows you to create a fully customizable sub-domain on your website to showcase content from your content library. This Content Showcase allows you to add depth to your website through content while increasing your SEO score. Use your content showcase to attract and engage visitors from search engine results pages and other websites with your content.

Nurture Visitors into Leads
Build a Sales Pipeline

Convert leads into paying customers by nurturing them through your sales pipeline. Use SalesPanda's e-mail management system to execute a variety of e-mail campaigns, and keep a track of their clicks, opens, downloads and showcase activity using its intuitive Campaign Dashboard. SalesPanda also provides you with a single view of all notable interactions with your prospect.

Are you an OEM having channel partners?

Give them the power to leverage digital marketing through Content Syndication and Email Syndication with SalesPanda for Channel Marketing. You can syndicate content such as product infographics, technical showcases, product & service expertise whitepapers, experience documents, case studies, and more to them directly, and can even syndicate entire e-mail campaigns to them.


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