Digital Automation for Channels

Convert more prospects into customers using targeted campaigns.

Increase your reach by 20X by leveraging the digital reach of your channel partners. Enable partners to share co-branded content with existing and new clients alike via e-mail, Whatsapp, and social media platforms to enhance their reach and grow their pipeline.

Personalized Micro-site for Partners

With SalesPanda, every channel partner gets a personalized micro-site loaded with the latest content from the OEM. The Micro-site can be loaded with basic information about the partner such as information about their organization, contact details, and so on.
Each page on the micro-site is fully SEO ready, and can be used to capture customer information through forms and CTA's.

1-on-1 Mails
1-on-1 Mails

Mobile App for Partners

Each partner gets access to the SalesPanda mobile app available on iOS and Android. These apps can be loaded with the latest co-branded content by the parent company. Content can range from creatives and greetings to social posts and e-mailers - anything that partners can use to better communicate with both existing and prospective customers.

Co-branded Content

Content on the partner micro-site as well as the mobile app comes with partner branding, wherein their name, e-mail, and phone number are automatically added to the bottom of syndicated content for sharing with their customer-base.

1-on-1 Mails
1-on-1 Mails

Whatsapp, Social Media and E-mail Marketing

SalesPanda makes it easy for your partners to share and promote content across popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. The mobile app features a content library for Whatsapp and other social media creatives, as well as an e-mail marketing module. Partners can enable these features simply by connecting their social media handles to the app, which will help them drive traffic to their micro-sites for leads.

Integrated Lead Capture and Management

SalesPanda has a built-in lead management system for partners. All leads acquired through their microsite are captured automatically in the app and can be passed on to the sales teams.

1-on-1 Mails
1-on-1 Mails

CRM app for Sales Teams

SalesPanda comes with a mobile app for sellers with built-in CRM and Marketing Communication capabilities. This app can be loaded with marketing content such as e-mails, social media, Whatsapp posts, and collaterals created by the central team. Partners and sellers can greatly improve the quality of interaction with new and old customers using these resources.

Micro-site and Hot Lead Tracking

SalesPanda allows you to fully track prospect activity on your partners' microsites and get alerts on designated leads. This feature, when combined with the lead scoring feature, gives you a powerful tool that lets you know exactly who to contact and the ideal time to do so.

1-on-1 Mails
1-on-1 Mails

Brand Control and Compliance

To ensure brand compliance, SalesPanda has built-in access controls and editing rights for partners that are decided by the principal. This helps in ensuring compliance to brand guidelines and consistent customer communication across all partners.

Analytics and Dashboard

Specialized, separate dashboards for e-mail campaigns, leads, website visitor tracking, and social media, ensure that you have a comprehensive view of your marketing activities so you can analyze and optimize your marketing growth. The principals also get a master view of the leads across partners as well as overall analytics on content and campaigns.

1-on-1 Mails

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