SalesPanda for Channels

As digital marketing has grown exponentially since its inception, it was inevitable that the tactics associated with it also grew to become more multi-faceted and complex. While these new age tactics allow far greater control and market penetration than older, outdated tactics, they are also more difficult to execute without the required expertise and know-how. This scenario has forced organizations without committed digital marketing arms to either be relegated to using outdated tactics or enlist the help of prohibitively expensive marketing agencies to keep up.

SalesPanda was built from the ground up to address this problem. As a digital marketing automation tool, SalesPanda allows organizations and businesses to leverage the power of modern digital marketing, without requiring the in-depth knowledge or expertise necessary to execute these tactics. SalesPanda accomplishes this by simplifying and breaking down these activities into their most basic actions, such that minimal user input is required, while SalesPanda takes care of the brunt of the process. This makes SalesPanda ideal for channel marketing initiatives, as it gives even small workforces the capability to execute the most popular types of digital campaigns.

Content Marketing
Decentralized Demand Creation
    • Content Library - A central repository for all your content on the cloud. Create, upload and edit videos, blogs and more with SalesPanda's intuitive drag and drop content editor.
    • Content Syndication - Syndicate the content you create to your distributors and partners. This allows them to leverage ready-made content for their campaigns.
E-mail Marketing
Local Pipeline Nurturing
  • Carry out multi-tier email campaigns with SalesPanda. Create eye catching eDMs and simplistic text-mails alike with SalesPanda's e-mail creator.
  • Use SalesPanda's Campaign Syndication feature to syndicate entire e-mail camapaigns to your distributors. This allows them to leverage e-mail marketing.
Social Media Marketing
Improve your Online Presence
  • SalesPanda allows you to syndicate social media posts to your distributors. This allows them to leverage social media marketing for their campaigns.
  • Create and schedule social media posts across different channels with SalesPanda. You can also track their performance and manage them all from within the SalesPanda tool!
Pipeline Management
  • SalesPanda's Content, Social and Campaign Syndication solutions allows organizations to syndicate content directly to their distributors?.
  • Your partners have the option to co-brand the collaterals and campaigns you share with them, allowing them to personalize these with their logo and contact information.
Marketing Dashboard
Centralized Dashboard
  • SalesPanda allows you to track and gauge the overall health of your distributors' different marketing campaigns and their degree of effectiveness with just a glance.
  • In addition to the general dashboard which provides an overview, there are also activity specific dashboards to get details by type of marketing initiative.
Engagement Windows
Engagement Windows
  • Grab key opportunities to engage your customers! Your distributors can use engagement windows to influence visitors at key moments and convert them.
  • A wide range of customization options let them decide not just when, where and how to engage their customers, but exactly who they want to target!

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