SalesPanda for B2C

In B2C, digital marketing is critical for influencing and educating clients over their journey through the sales funnel. The amount of content available online today puts the buyer in a commanding position to obtain the information they desire. A study by Google confirms that prospective buyers don't even make contact with the vendors until at least 57% of the purchasing process is already over. The buying process always starts with online research and a heavy dependence on search and social channels to obtain that information. This information is found to often have a heavy influence on the final purchase decision. This is where digital marketing comes into play.

To assist organizations with their digital marketing initiatives, we built SalesPanda - an inbound marketing automation software that can aid you with reinforcing your online presence, enhancing your website traffic and increasing the percentage of lead conversions for your business. SalesPanda gives its users several tools to enable them to approach their prospects at important stages in the sales funnel.

Content Marketing
Create Unique Content
  • Content Library - A central repository for all your content on the cloud. Create, upload and edit videos, blogs, infographics and more with SalesPanda's intuitive content editor.
  • Content Showcase - Use your content showcase to attract and engage visitors browsing your blogs, infographics, product videos, and more!
E-mail Marketing
Nurture your Prospects
  • Carry out multi-tier email campaigns with SalesPanda. Create eye catching eDMs and simplistic text-mails alike to reach out to consumers with SalesPanda's e-mail creator.
  • Choose between SalesPanda's pre-built templates to create engaging content with ease. Create newsletters to showcase your products or services with style!
Social Media Marketing
Enhance your Online Presence
  • SalesPanda allows you to share the content in your library instantaneously across major social media channels with just a few simple clicks, all from within the the tool itself!
  • Create and schedule posts and tweets with SalesPanda. Track their performance of these posts and manage them all from within the SalesPanda tool!
Pipeline Management
Build a Sales Pipeline
  • A central database for all your contacts. Sift through contacts with ease, and create contact lists to group like contacts together for specialized campaigns.
  • Keep a track of what's drawing prospects to your site and what isn't. Track lead activity on your website to nurture prospects and convert them to leads.
Marketing Dashboard
Track your Efficiecy
  • SalesPanda allows you to track and gauge the overall health of your different marketing campaigns and their degree of effectiveness with just a glance.
  • In addition to the general dashboard which provides an overview, there are also activity specific dashboards to get details by type of marketing initiative.
Engagement Windows
Enhance Up-selling & Cross-selling
  • Grab key opportunities to engage your customers! Use engagement windows to influence your visitors at key moments and convert them.
  • A wide range of customization options let you decide not just when, where and how to engage your customers, but exactly who to target!

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