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While SalesPanda Digital Automation for B2C can be leveraged by Insurance companies for direct marketing, leveraging the digital reach of Agents and Advisors is something of great value. Using SalesPanda Digital Automation for Channels, insurance companies can grow their reach by 20X by leveraging the digital reach of advisors below:

Build up your Online Presence
Microsite for Advisors

SalesPanda platform provides a personalized microsite to every advisor. It gives a digital presence to the advisor as it is loaded with SEO ready content from the Insurance principal. The content is also co-branded with advisor details. Lead from the ste are captured using web forms which are then passed to the advisor in mobile app.

Get Customers & Build a Sales Pipeline
Sales & Marketing Mobile app

SalesPanda comes with a marketing automation and pipeline management software for advisors which they can acess via web as well as mobile app. The app is loaded with co-branded creatives, social posts and emailers which the advisors can share with new and existing clients. This helps in keeping their relationship warm as well as driving traffic to their microsites for leads.

Enhanced Up-selling and Cross-selling
Branding and Compliance

SalesPanda comes with access and editing rights which the Insurance princial can control at central level. This helps in consistent communication via advisors with compromising on the brand value. All compliance approve content is management centrally.


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